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The Parma Violets are the most exotic and fragrant of the many more than 4000 species that exist. The flowers of all species have five velvety petals that unfold into a variety of shades  ranging from white to deep purple.


The flowers reach their maximum dimensions and intensity of fragrance, only when cultivated in protected conditions. Today the cultivation for the perfume industry is carried out in the The South of France near Grasse.


The Violet is a soliflore but unlike any other soliflores both the flowers and leaves can be used to create the fragrance.  Our Violet creation was studied and developed by us in full respect of the traditional flowery fragrance but with just a dash of the freshness that the leaves offer to make the perfume even easier to wear and adapt also for the  younger generations.   


The perfume is traditionally green. This is becuase of the natural colouring contained in the leaves. Today, the violet leaf is still the only natural source of green colouring used in the cosmetic industry.


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