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The nose, even if we don't realize it, is the center of our nervous system and an important part of our limbic system. It's right there that our primordial “olfactory” memories " are processed.  Apart from the perception of perfume the olfactory memory determines our behaviour and response to certain situations and that's why certain perfumes bring back emotions.  The olfactory memory is very powerful. We can forget the words and images ...but some fragrances will instantly bring back  memories of a particular event, person or place.  


While many of you will say that the Parma Violets perfume brings back the memory of a small bottle on your Grandmother's chest of drawers, inside our fragrance we have hidden some intriguing memories: 



The emotion of visiting Maria Luigia’s summer palace where she patiently cultivated violets.



The vitality of the noble notes of Giuseppe Verdi's opera 

The elegance of a gown designed

by the Fontana Atelier for Audrey Hepburn

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