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The Parma violet fragrance represents for the world of Italian perfumery, a historical and cultural heritage to be proud of.  Over recent years the huge request for perfumes created by the fashion houses has massively contributed to the gradual disappearance of many of famous perfume companies that were based in Parma. Even the most famous brand "Borsari"  is no longer produced in Parma and the brand is now property of a multinational company.


Our tradition as perfumers in the city of Parma for over 100 years and knowledge of the evolution of the perfume industry are the secrets that have inspired us to recreate a line of products able to reflect the grandeur and  natural elegance of our city.


It may seem a simple task to recreate the fragrance of a single flower (soliflore) fragrance but the task is much more difficult than it may seem especially when we are creating a perfume that has a tradition and history to respect and that has to reflect the character of the city to which it is linked.


Our products are all distinguished by a personal touch mixed with class and elegance that define the City of Parma.


Cosmetic products are MADE in ITALY and are manufactured in accordance with European normatives-


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